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 In the spirit of Autism Awareness month

 SWAN’s first planning meeting on

 April 3rd 2013 was a resounding success!


Parents and Parent Mentors from throughout Portage County were in attendance and

Introductions and personal stories of members were shared. 


·      Service providers report a longstanding, urgent and constant need for support and connection countywide. 

·      Hopes were expressed that our meeting tone and attitude will remain focused on sharing our experiences, and hopes in a responsible manner. 

·      Members desire and hope to find clarity and a feeling of connection regarding dealing with autism. 

·      We are working to create a safe place to share where members feel in fellowship with others who are living with similar life challenges. 

·      Some members have Service Dogs and have found that ownership can make a profound difference in their loved one’s lives providing a sense of empowerment, functionality, safety, identity, and social magnetism. 

·      Just as transitions throughout day to day life are challenging in general for people with autism there is a profound need in our region for services to help residents with life transitions from childhood throughout adulthood. 

Examples include moving from elementary school to middle school and moving from high school into adult education, jobs and day to day living. 


Like the fragmented nature of a puzzle we all identified an ongoing need for unified simplification regarding information, services and communications. 

~ Connie Lambert